Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep calm...WEGO/HAKMC Day 9

For day 9's task, we were to create through the keep calm & carry on maker online, but to use our message, illnesses, etc to personalize. As the lymphedema (severe swelling in one leg) is getting much worse, it is very hard to just walk. A few hours ago the parents called me down to the garage to go through a few boxes. I was hurt & surprised as they knew how going up & down the stairs is a ton more difficult with the left leg elephant was tough. To see an ex-boyfriend's postcard, bits & pieces from my teaching, overseas souvenirs, marriage things, you get the drift.

Of course I made piles of to save/donate/throw out, & feeling like an emotional rake was gouging through me I took a few pieces (that I'll through away) but not before I, as always, document some of the things, & explain their relevance. In keeping with my quest to document by photography this savage disease, I made this 'keep calm' alteration.


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