Friday, April 6, 2012

#HAWMC WEGO Day 6-Health Haiku plus (Tanka)

I just saw the April WEGO health writing about health all month in April, & as I'm a few days late the 5 days I have missed I'll do in May. Today's focus was a haiku, the traditional 5 syllable 7 syllable 5 syllable Japanese poems, or doing a Tanku, adding two extra lines with 7 syllables each.


Yesterday mom & I had back to back ENT dr appointments, as we both have terrible chronic coughs, etc. Mine is caused by allergies-when I moved down here 5+ years ago I developed horrible allergies & this deep, chronic cough. I even put Alabama on the new patient sheet under 'allergies'. I don't think the dr found it funny...but when I lived overseas, mainly the Czech Republic, I had runny nose & colds but little to no sinus or allergies. It was just fantastic-to carry pocket packs of tissues for the cold weather only!


The two hour round trip took a toll on me & today I'm fevered, sore, & feel like I was dragged behind the car & not just in it. Riding in cars makes my bones feel like they are breaking, but I do try & bear in mind that every little discovery is yet another piece in this disaster of a puzzle that completes me. Here is my very first haiku, or tanka, along with a pic that goes with my day.



The pokes the prods hurt


A necessary evil


Leave me aching so


Extra doctors add knowledge


To my jigsawed puzzled life



  1. When I first developed fibromyalgia, I became allergic to everything. Even lack of sleep would cause me to break out into hives. For some reason, most of my allergies just disappeared. Who knows and who cares where they're hiding. Good riddance.

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