Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 25-memory from another view-#HAWMC/WEGO health

The girl sits on the bed-naked-as any clothing that touches her skin feels like an attack of needles. She has an ice pack propped up on a pillow placed carefully so it covers two inflamed areas on her lower back of the spinal shots from earlier that day. Her left sciatic nerve starting in her back & radiating down the back of her leg & the top & bottom of her foot feels as though an electric prod combined with a vice is irritating the nerve constantly. It never lets up. Her left hip is so tender to the touch she hasn't slept on it-hasn't even leaned over on it-for the past 7 years. She tries to watch tv to take her focus off of the pain yet can't focus. She switches to Netflix on her iPad, trying in vain to find anything that can help focus her damaged brain's pain center elsewhere. After starting & stopping at least 3 different movies she finally settles on one. Tears start falling onto the screen. Beside her the bed softly indents as her house rabbit, Chai, as carefully as she can jumps up on the bed. Chai starts licking the sheets which in bunny means 'deep affection'. She puts her front paws up on the girl's left shoulder & touches noses with her. She barely licks her arm, but as it feels like acid she stops & hops around in front & licks the bedspread, pillows, & any clothing on the bed. As she examines the girl one last time she gives final licks & slowly jumps off the bed, flops down next to one of her stuffed rabbit friends as the girl smiles.


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  1. I used to have a cat named Bipin who would look after me the way Chai looks after you. That's about as much as I can share without crying. He just disappeared one day. I'll never get over that one.