Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17- pent-up feelings will explode in 3-2-1 #HAWMC

One of the biggest mistakes that I learned the hard way was mentally (& emotionally) secluding myself the 1st year I became housebound. I had to move in with my parents in my mid-30s. They became my caregivers by default, & as I write this I've just woken up with a massive panic attack...which is a perfect example of why sharing helps. My parents couldn't understand all the feelings I was having. Grief, loss, humility, independence, etc were just a few. They took the look on my face as anger & I would be shocked when they would frequently ask 'why are you so mad?' when I was in fact, at that moment, very depressed-not at all angry. My face came across one way & without my knowing gave away the wrong emotion. I didn't talk to anyone-didn't reach out through technology like I do now. Fights would start & misunderstandings took over. I would implode yet the bottle seemed to break outwards.

I joined Flickr & finally started documenting me-my fight with fibromyalgia & what physical & emotional tools it was taking. It became my saving grace...to open myself up to the rawest degrees. I started joining groups through various social media & found a voice, & last year really started blogging daily. It has made a huge difference in simply getting feelings out & rarely having to say a word-my face did the talking yet this time people saw what I was really feeling. The picture below is photo manipulated to show how my outsides don't match the invisible pain inside.




  1. Marnie, I am so glad you are documenting your pain/fibro/depression journey. You are not only helping yourself by doing this, but you are helping others to see they are not alone. I know the pain still lingers, but I'm hoping the mental pain is somewhat eased with each word you type. You're an inspiration to me in my cancer journey to never quit. Love you!

  2. Thank you so much my lovely! It is better than therapy...& to think I used to take just LOADS of pics but never, ever of myself! I've become braver through that...xxxooo