Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 8-WEGO conversation I had this week

As I spent the past 2-3 days in excruciating pain & or dead asleep from meds, I'm late posting this. Honestly? I had no conversations this week. I live with my parents as my caretakers, & of course we talk, but I seem to be up with #painsomnia & asleep when they are up, & they are great & loving, but I had no conversations at all this week, & yes, it's sad, pitiful, & I hate writing this as I don't want to be 'oh poor me'. I talk to myself ALL the time, to my dear house rabbit who lives in my room, & tweets & Facebook posts. Believe me when I say I'm not copping out & doing the work. When you realize because you are too sick to even make it downstairs, it's very humbling to admit the last real conversation you had was one last month-& it was one of about 15 in the past 5 years. I think people who aren't chronically sick don't really think about how a conversation, even with someone you don't know in the store checkout line, are vital to the common mental human touch we all need.



  1. oh, my dearest Marnie... how i *do* understand your situation.

    i too sometimes go a long while without having a real conversation with a person, other than one of my kids.

    it feels so weird at times. i *do* like total silence at times, but there are long weekends where i go without one single word with another person.

    my love and soul go out to you !

    love you :-D

  2. oh, by the way, that's my maiden name, Navas ;-)

  3. i would LOVE to have your phone number so i can call you... please let me know if that's possible.

  4. I spent two years not talking to the outside world when my brother was sick. He was my only company, and he was too ill to want to talk. I wish I was blogging then.

    1. What happened to your brother if I may ask? Is it on your blog? Xxx

      Adriana, xxxooo