Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 22 things we forget #HAWMC/WEGO

There is a popular site where people post pics of notes & post it's with a message left in various places. Some funny, sweet, touching, etc. We are to do so & if we can't post it, pretend. Where would you leave it? What will it say? I couldn't decide, so I'm doing 2.

When I was 14, I was having horrible cramps & I would miss days of school & work monthly. My first gynecologist told me 'when you see blood, you see pain'. He quickly became my ex-doctor. Fast-forward 4 years & after having every surgery & procedure (including self injections into my stomach for 6 months) I had a complete hysterectomy. In passing as he was the local dr in our small town he said before I had the surgery (though e wasn't my dr) that 'you will fall in love this first semester of college & no man will marry you because you can't have kids). I was strong enough to know to listen to my body. I had severe endometriosis & I knew something wasn't right. My post it would say 'always trust what your body is telling you' & leave it in as many waiting rooms, hospitals, nurses stations, etc as I could.


My second post it would simply be 'Savor it all'. Savor that movie-that meal out with friends. That first date, kiss. Savor that trip to Target. Really enjoy sitting in that coffee shop. Savor the powerful fun in driving your car. Today, national record store day, I really missed not getting to go & flip through cd & record bins & finding that hidden gem, or new import vinyl, or an oldie you've always meant to pick up. Some days being really & truly housebound for all intense purposes hits home. For some reason, that was today. I would leave that note in mundane places where people take living for granted. At the cashier line, or a table at a local dive bar. In a bus seat or a cab. On the dashboards of cars or on people's front doors. Here is me, trying to savor listening to some records, & holding a lost dried petal from a photo shoot I had earlier in the week before the flowers get tossed & we move.





  1. Strange. I have endometriosis, too. This is something few people know because I am embarrassed of all of my medical conditions. I fear people will think it's in my head, so I keep it to myself.

  2. This post is not long on words, but it is big on emotion. I wanted to reach out and touch your heart, for there has obviously been so much hurt there, but there is also love and wisdom. Thank you for sharing your growing pains and learning successes. Today I savor your post.