Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm humble enough to ask

I wake up from loosely based sleep, in which stress dreams plague me all night. And all of yesterday afternoon, & the night before. If I was on the battlefield with a sword in my hand, I'm pretty sure I'd lay down my sword & hold my head high. After waking & unable to shake off the impossible dreams, Ryan Adams 'Save Me' is running through my head. I listen to it then find an old friend, Aimee Mann's brilliant 'Save Me', from the stunning film Magnolia.

I know a hero...white knight isn't going to ride in and fix me. The question remains though. I'm at the point I am humble & humiliated to know I can't save myself. Not this weekend, not this too early morning, not this day. The morphine, ice packs, heating pads, & soft Chai bunny ears nudging me for touch are doing nothing to lessen this overwhelming pain, & I'm not above asking for saving.


#HAWMC WEGO Health blog month, day 7.