Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 21-madlibs #HAWMC WEGO

Right, after being so sick with 'fibro-flu', in which it feels like you have the flu...everything hurts, even your hair, skin, etc & at times have fever. I almost always post blogs daily, but the past 2 days I've been so sick not shaking was a monumental task. I'll make up the days missed in this month's challenge, but for today I started back on their schedule. It's a take on madlibs, where you fill in parts of speech & they generate a poem (mixed with EE Cummings!). At first I thought why the hell...this makes no sense-then, considering my lack of brain function it almost totally makes sense. Here it is, plus a pic of me under some dead dried roses. Enjoy! ;) ??!

Awful Rabbit's Awful Rabbit

Wildly i have never Sing, Stupidly beyond

any Sloth, your Snowflake have their Chronic:

in your most Superb Noodles are things which Hug me,

or which i cannot Hate because they are too Unemotionally

your Fantadtic look Greatly will unTalk me

though i have Slap myself as Picture,

you Clap always Film by Film myself as Brush Signal

(Skiping Sadly, Badly) her Hilarious Paste

or if your Cage be to Throw me, i and

my Bed will Write very Madly, Slowly,

as when the Phone of this Sloth Use

the Ipad Ugly everywhere Jumping;

nothing which we are to Hang in this Cd Type

the Typewriter of your Great Tv: whose Pretzel

Play me with the Word of its Sentence,

Hoping Igloo and Mitten with each Frolicking

(i do not Quit what it is about you that Kiss

and Pet; only something in me Love

the Boot of your Snowflake is Zen than all Brush)

Ladybug, not even the Clover, has such Beautiful Tofu

- Marnie & e.e. cummings

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Fish under roses

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