Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26-tag line-Pain worth a pic-#HAWMC/WEGO

Today we are to come up with a tag line for our illness or blog or just overall focus. After living & working & traveling all over the world taking pictures, I missed the creative outlet so much. After a year of being housebound, I turned the camera inward. If this illness could destroy me but it not show itself outwardly, I decided to give it a face. My Flickr accounts turned to a pic a day blog, & it's grown from there. I had said once or twice that phrase...pain worth a pic, & I feel it really sums up the education & knowledge that drives me to keep doing this blog. These two pics show how I was feeling today. Hopeless, guilty, sad, scared, angry, & wanting to at once disappear yet to face this illness as well.



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