Saturday, April 14, 2012

'my dream day' WEGO #HAWMC day 14

Wow. Easy but really hard. I was so lucky & worked so hard tutoring in my off hours to work, live, & travel all over the world. I love having these memories, but I assure you sometimes they are more painful now that I'm alone & housebound. I am making my day re-visiting 3 amazing places, with J, my closest friend.

First we wake up in the coolest B&B in Tirendentes, Brazil-a tiny mountain mining town. We spent 2-3 days there about 8 years ago, & it is easily one of my alltime favorite places on earth. We will walk around, & I will be able to walk more than 3 minutes-I'll be able to keep up with him, & we will see parts of the town we missed before. Here is a link to a pic that looks identical to one of mine, somewhere in boxes in the garage.

We will then magic carpet over to the Great Ocean Road in Australia, & visit the glow worm forest where you feel as if you are floating with the stars around you.


Then, around midnight we will jump over a few hours north of Brisbane, Australia, & go to the Mon Repos sea turtle sanctuary, where mother turtles come & lay their eggs, & then other clutches of nests erupt-the baby turtles tunneling up through the sand, down the beach, & out to sea. I got to see both one might under a full moon, & it honestly changed my life. Here's an amazing video I found...


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  1. I had no idea places like this existed. The world is such a beautiful place. Living in this city, it's easy to forget.