Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 24- Mascot a go-go #HAWMC-WEGO

Our topic for today is to have a mascot for our illnesses or health focus. I'm choosing my own name...the reverted butterfly. Within a year or so into my becoming housebound & getting involved online, I discovered that many of the groups out there have butterflies as their logos or animal so to speak. I liked the thought, but as I had spent the last decade of my life living & teaching overseas, I felt the opposite. I was lucky enough to have lived in Indonesia, the Czech Republic, & had traveled in Australia, Asia, Brazil, etc. I felt like I had reverted back to the cocoon stage but was fully grown, so when I started my picture a day blog, I chose to refer to myself as a reverted butterfly. The important part I felt was to be honest-to paint a true picture, but also to be positive. I am trying to fight my way out of this new cocoon. Even if I never fully get out I'll never stop fighting, & to me that is my main message. I painted a picture of a purple butterfly, as fibro's color is purple, fighting to escape the cocoon stuck on a tree branch. You can see I have windows into my world from the cocoon, & damaged wings are sticking out, trying to stay a part of the world from this strange new wrapping of life.




  1. Fibro's color is purple. I am not sure I understand. Could you please explain this to me. I am a little slow.

  2. Ack! Sorry...you aren't slow. I forget most don't speak my medical geek speak. Fibromyalgia's awareness color is purple, like AIds is red, breast cancer pink, etc. purple also stands for bullying, lupus I think, & other 'invisible illnesses'. Xxx