Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dexter: bloody great!

A fantastic friend sent me her Dexter DVDs for me to borrow & they just got here today! I can't wait to watch!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My dream office

My dream office:

Office supplies ;)

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bunny conversation

Sometimes when Chai bunny looks cute & I take pics, she looks so mad as if I'm intruding on her private time with her friends. She just puts up with me

And then just adorable ;)

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Falling object

So today I fell off the bed from a sitting position. I hit the bedside table, then a bunch of medicine bottles, a bag of recycling, spool of CDs, the trash can, & almost Chai bunny. I immediately had a mushroom shaped bruise come up on my arm & scraped skin off my knee & leg. After I got back up in bed & cleaned up & recovered, Chai bunny got up in bed to check on me. Such a sweet bunny!

Mushroom bruise-from two medicine bottles I landed on...

A tiny heart shaped freckle under the bruise :)

Chai bunny in bed

& jumping off (love her giant back feet!)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jingle bunny

One day last year, I kept noticing that Chai bunny kept standing up over around the far side of this little table up against the window. She sits with her stuffed toys under it & sleeps, rules her kingdom, & licks her furry friends. The table has a ton of stuff on it & I couldn't see what she was working on-she always has little projects like me, but she actually finishes hers. Showoff. She had been standing up with her little front paws either hanging down so cutely or propped on the edge. I finally went over & she was pulling & chewing on a cord attaching a stuffed hedgehog with a bell inside it to a stick-a cat toy that I had gotten for the late Zoe cat, but she hated the bell. She was a cat who startled easily.

Chai bunny finally got the hedgehog down & as she started to lick it (a bunny's way of showing affection) & this little muted bell started to jingle, thus the name...Jingle the hedgehog. She worked for at least an hour on that little mission & she keeps Jingle right beside a very furry white Christmas themed polar bear named Peppermint. I name them as it's just easier when having a conversation about them all. ;)

Tonight, I heard that little bell ringing softly for at least 30 minutes, meaning Jingle's fur will be stiff with bunny love. I finally went over to get some pictures & 3 things happened. She starts licking Peppermint, you know, to reassure him. Then she stands up, backs up a bit & starts whining & grunting & growling. :) The last was the best & expected...she charged me, running with her head down like a dolphin, then when she reached me she stopped short & made a soft whine before commencing licking. The pictures below are like a flip book of bunny love, loyalty, & dramatic protection.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Space cadet

I started loving anything & everything space related while watching Star Trek age like 4-5. I am obsessed with sic-fi, space travel, NASA, etc. I recently got a book/app called Man in Space, an interactive book with videos, 360 degree crafts, etc. I have the space image a day calendar that pops up a new picture or video every night right before midnight, & there is a brand new app/book called Journey to the Exoplanets that has you in a flight type simulator & you actually fly & land & learn about planets, stars, etc. It's $9.99 so I can't get it yet ;(

My picture for today is this gorgeous shot of the Paelades galaxy/spiral, & it makes me want to go & just float around, getting lost & being weightless. I may have another disease (2 actually) & now more than ever I just want to be weightless & fly away, swimming past The Milky Way & apologizing to Pluto for people doubting it's planetary status. I can identify...I was one person for so long & now I'm a totally different being altogether. Just call me Pluto :)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunny tail tales

Chai bunny loves to be let out free upstairs, where she can run in the hall & the spare room. My favorite thing is when she bolts-I mean really, really just runs full out as fast as she can up & down the hall. From downstairs she sounds like a giant galloping horse. Amazing that such a small bunny can make SO much noise. Another adorable thing she does is when she sees something unfamiliar in the hallway & will creep towards it like a turtle-sticking her head & neck out as far as she can so she can 'step' there without fully committing. Her she is tonight, hiding beside me as she spies a bag further down with her tail up, a sign of bunny alarm :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Some of my bottle of empties

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Surprise MRIs

After an exhausting day of a surprise MRI & being so sore & tired, it was all I could do to stay awake later.

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Last Wednesday

A few shots from the dr day...the reflection of the gorgeous handblown glass light fixtures in my iPod.

At Sonic after I looked so bad the carhop asked dad if I was ok!

The broken blood vessels from where my left leg is still so swollen ;(

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tears of a clown

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Ten years ago in Czech

I was in Czech when 9-11-01 happened. It wasn't until I was back in the states that summer that I really saw all the pics, news footage, etc. Being that far away with no CNN, no TV, etc. Was horrible. I would listen to the BBC on the radio every 30 mins to try & get news.

Thoughts in my mind

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


A new Steampunked theme pic app came out...; )

I'll be busy for weeks & weeks & weeks...

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