Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our starting point for today is to open a book (or in my case-my kindle, though I did open the book I was reading & turn the pages) & the first sentence you see to use that & free write for 15-20 minutes. My book is the first Game of Thrones books...full of epic battles, love, loss, dragons, knights, power, the throne, kingdoms, flaws, strengths, strong women, smart men, etc. All the things you could possibly want from that genre, with a bit more. Oh, & direwolves, violence, & wildlings. ;)

'She's not a dog, she's a direwolf.' I immediately go to the 'but you don't look (or sound as I was told recently) sick' phrase all of us invisible illness people have heard at some point. We may look like a normal wolf, but we aren't...we are direwolves. We are different. Stronger. Smarter. More intuitive. I've met so many of us who seem to have or have gained these qualities from having these illnesses. We may look like a wolf, but inside, we are special. We are stronger. We are direwolves. There are many minuses in being 'special'. I don't have to waste your time in listing all of them. I've learned though that we are so much stronger, tougher, wiser, & braver in being abnormal. We have the fire inside of us. We have the strength to be vulnerable. We are on the battlefield daily, & we have many, many scars to prove it. As one of my twitter friends says, we are chronically awesome.

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  1. Love tying literature in to invisible illnesses. I've found lately that like, every movie I watch is secretly about being chronically ill. Sometimes it's not that far-fetched, like "Repo: The Genetic Rock Opera." Other times it's a stretch for sure, like Dreamworks' "Robots."

    I've been wanting to read Game of Thrones. I want to even more now! Thanks for the great post!

  2. Me too!!! I swear, I watch things like The Walking Dead about zombies to learn internal survival skills...or in reading The Hunger Games-again, survival. Or the great film District 9 (south Africian flick) what the lead turned into outwardly felt like what I was turning into inwardly. Everything I see, read, watch-somehow now I see it all as tied to/skills for surviving/or what not to do/etc. Thanks so much for your comment-makes my day! Xxx