Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 26-5 things-#HAWMC/WEGO health

Day 27


5 Challenges. 5 Small Victories. Make a list of the 5 most difficult parts of your health focus. Make another top 5 list for the little, good things (small victories) that keep you going


Difficult parts:

1-humility that comes with things like personal hygiene taking a backseat at times

2-pain that nothing can quiet

3-feeling invisible

4-guilt that I've ruined my parents lives & plans

5-not seeing a future I can handle or a future I might could have had if I hadn't gotten sick


Small victories:

1-getting my pics & story published in a magazine

2-feedback from people who identify with me-or one friend who said she wanted to be a good friend to her newly diagnosed friend & reads my blog for advice

3-the sense that I'm fighting with every pic, blog entry, etc.

4-seeing who my real friends are...strangers, old friends reconnecting, etc

5-taking my loss of photography that I loved overseas & repackaging my subject as I turned the camera into myself, soul, & opened up the raw nature of my life. I found immense freedom in that!




  1. You got published in a magazine! That sure as heck is something to be proud of. Congrats. You fight every day. That's also something to be proud of. I really do see you as an inspiration.

    1. That means worlds & galaxies to me! Thank you. It was an online magazine called fibromyalgia & chronic pain life. I was thrilled, & they will use my pics as needed in the future! They like real people instead of stock photos...