Sunday, June 3, 2012

Roles we play

As human beings, whether we are straight forward or a bit more mysterious & in the shadows, we all play certain roles. Child, sibling, co-worker, friend, ex, virtual connection, parent, aunt, cousin, etc. I play many of these roles, but mine have decreased greatly in past years. I lost being a teacher, co-worker, graduate student, apartment renter, car owner, driver, bar & restaurant patron, shopper, independent person, etc. I gained as well-facebooker, twitter-er, patient, blogger, documentarian, the caregiver's person, bed sitter, disabled person, etc. Often I feel just 2-3 roles. The real me, the brave face hiding me, & the trying so hard but the facade breaks down me. It's a strange world in the brains of the chronically sick.


It's all me but I'm split into 3


Often I just want to hide.


Or keep my sliced life at a distance


I try & disguise the pain behind a mask.


& end up giving bits & pieces of myself to different people, but did they get to see the whole me?

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