Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simply Sunday

As I sit listening to my beloved rain that I love but my evil body hates, I focus on the little good things that have happened in the past few days. Chai bunny remembered how much she loved to get in bed with me for bunny massages, & has been up with me, getting her ears, little face, head & jaw rubbed no less than 15 times at least the past few days. She has a place on her tummy which entails a vet visit tomorrow or Tuesday, but today I'm concentrating on her fuzzy face.

I finished my 4th book this year! It was almost 700 pages & involved me checking it out from our ebook library 4 times, but totally worth it-the first book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I just got book 2 from the library. Chai bunny & I shared a strawberry today...her first & she loved it! I got several free ebooks & a few on sale that I can't wait to read-& Amazon held their word-I got my replacement Kindle last week & it is working great! Great tv tonight which is always a good focus off pain point, as well as my books. There are times in my new life when thinking about the good, even if tiny actually does take my focus off pain for a small little while, & that's a massive help.


  1. corny, but it works for me. i'm such a pollyanna.

  2. I write so few happy posts, you know? I question my honest, raw, sad, etc entries yet they are the 98% driving force & therapy for free, you know? I once was told by a well meaning photographer of Flickr that I needed more 'happy pics'. How does one like me answer or fulfill that??!