Saturday, June 9, 2012

Star pills

Recently I started following a 365 photo idea for the day. I get so bored of pics of me, so I decided I could apply some of the ideas to my documenting pics. Today's was a set/4 of a kind. I just so happen to take 4 key pills for pain & muscle relief (along with a denizen of other vitamins, maintenance meds, etc). As I put them out they looked a bit like planets & moons, & I'm obsessed with anything solar related. I did some photo manipulating & dreaming of my pain pills orbiting my brain, trying to figure out what part of me needed them most. Green moon? Off you go to the left's locking up & the TMJ is kicking in. Long oval white? Orbit & dissolve some over the left hip then go directly & release in the left sciatic nerve. Purple moon? Ok, top layer goes to the pinched nerve. 2nd layer? Neck ASAP. 3rd layer right side sciatic nerve, & stay through the 7th layer. Go then & rest on the spinal tap site. White meteor? Go full force & crash directly into the brain's pain center. As usual it is misfiring. If only I had a little space ship & I could go & fight myself inside my own head, & fix me with a light saber.




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