Friday, June 1, 2012

Feeling the shingle's fire

I first got shingles my senior year of high school. It started by my lip underneath onto my chin (following the nerve there) itching like crazy. I thought I had gotten a bug bite but there was no mark. Within a few hours-the next day blisters came up & the race was on. Since then, aged 18 through now, i've had shingles almost always on my face at least 30+ times. I now can feel them coming on, the stress bringing the fiery itching & burning until the blisters appear. I know this bout is brought on by my weakened immune system after spinal tap & spinal shots, & this horrid moving worries. Last night as I felt the shingles silently making their way to the surface, I let the tears come as needed, for holding them in would only further their strength.


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