Monday, June 25, 2012

The guilt of being sick

As dad is in my room, vacuuming & preparing for the carpet guys to come measure for carpet to replace what Chai bunny & I ruined, my heart breaks. I feel I shouldn't be allowed even to have pets. We say some people shouldn't have the right to have kids in their care & now I wonder the same about me after Chai bunny passes.

After seeing my brother, his lovely wife, & adorable nephews yesterday, I woke up today so sore my arms feel like they have been run through pasta maker arms that flatten over & over-& I wasn't even able to sit while they ate lunch, pick up my one year nephew & barely could gently hug my older nephew. I realized as we will soon live a few miles away from then they are probably realizing that I will become their burden-one they don't deserve, need, or should have to handle.



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  1. Marnie, we love and care for each other no matter what because we are family. Your family may occasionally have frustrations at the situation, but the love that abounds will never go away, no matter how many carpets get messed up. You are more important than a rug on the floor.