Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ever since the spinal tap I've been exhausted. Way, way, way more than the normal me exhausted. I got shots in my pinched nerve & sciatic nerve Monday. I've been sleeping at least 19 hours a day since. Amazing how your body reacts to various things & I guess how my body is trying to protect me from myself. I slept all night on & off the recommended heating pad (usually it's ice down my pants but dr. T said heat this time around) & didn't take my last pain dose as I fell asleep. Waking up moments ago, all my mistakes arrive knocking at my door. Pill? Taken. Sat up & hunched over & stretching? Doing. Cold club soda out of the 2 liter? Gurgling & making that fun bubbly sound. Chai bunny is at my feet happily munching on a treat & very happy I'm awake. I sat up in bed gingerly yesterday & ended up indeed protecting the new shot sites yet forgot & twisted or wratched the spinal tap site. My face & lips are swollen from meds & the steroids in the shots, & my hair looks like really bad uncute bed hair. When I feel guilty that I can't work, help people, you know, be a productive human being, I try to remember days like this.


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