Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TMI Tuesdays-WEGO Health-behind the curtain

Many of you know the basics of fibromyalgia. The pain, merry-go-round doctors, trial & error medications, etc. all of that is a huge part, but even for all my openness & knowledge is power, there are a few things that only my parents know. There are things so humbling & humiliating that I keep most of them to myself. One of those things is the lack of personal hygiene. Often times taking a shower, even with the little plastic stool I use as a safety precaution & the fact that I can't stand for more than about 3 minutes at a time-even sitting down showering is exhausting. Many days can & do go by when I can't shower or bathe, & it's a crushing weight to one's self-esteem. To not be able to jump in the shower is a luxury I used to take granted-or a soothing bath. Things like this that go unsaid make me want to curl up & hide.


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  1. I can only imagine how you must be feeling and I really wish I could find some words which were of some value or solace. No words will convey the best wishes and positive thoughts being sent your way.