Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last day-#HAWMC/WEGO wrap up

We are to discuss the things we loved, prompts we hated, fellow bloggers, what we learned, etc. like this pic of berries I ate earlier, I feel this really sums us up. Sweet & funny, bittersweet & raw, with sugar the medicine goes down easier, etc. I hate that I started late, & that on a few days I was too sick to blog, although I will be making them up, which thrills me. I loved the pick a page-pick a sentence & write about it...probably my favorite prompt. We got to be direwolves, & that was fantastic! I even really liked the haiku prompt & it fit perfectly with the day I had experienced. My favorite blogger by FAR is Nuria & her brand new blog Lupie Cave. I had met her on twitter & she got brave, started blogging, & her 2nd or 3rd blog she was one of the top 3 of 3! She is an amazing writer & has blogs in her native Spanish & one in English! She is a huge inspiration to me already. After years of hiding she has come out in a big, bold, brave way & I love her honest courage. I will keep around a few prompts, the book & haiku I mentioned, the word cloud, etc. I'm excited to keep going on my make-up missed days. Thanks WEGO for pushing me & helping me grow. You helped shake me up out of my rut!



  1. As said on Twitter... Today is & will be a great day for me.Thanks! !xxxooo You are one hell of a chronically awesome angel, you know that right? :)

  2. My dear Nuria, to be called a chronically awesome angel is pretty much the highest compliment I've had in forever! I am so thrilled that you are open & blogging-the world needs your voice...& that it's in Spanish & English? Just perfect! Xxxxx