Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bizarro day

My 'days' are strange-normally I sleep a lot during the day as my pain gets worse at night...& there's better tv on. ;) I was downstairs with my parents cat Macy-she's been really sick & so while they are gone I slept downstairs. It was great as I could prop my iPad up on the side table & was able to recline sideways so much easier than upstairs.

I started getting so tired & ended up sleeping half the night. Macy woke me up & around 5AM I went & checked the mail, which ridiculously enough exhausts me. After just a bit I fell back asleep. Today was the day my morphine was due, & with dad gone, he had our lovely friend Brenda pick the Rx up & bring to me-she is a huge reason in the cons part of moving. Even though I don't see her much we email & text & keep in touch through the parents. I knew she would be bringing the meds inside & I was trying to stay awake to see & thank her. Of course I was dead asleep, having the worst stress dreams. This is my painting of it-using a great new 50 cent stylus pen. I love Amazon!

So a few hours later Macy wakes me again as she too was dreaming-& she wakes herself up crying in the saddest way ever. She sounds like a haunted duck trying to bring her head up from under water. Maybe we were having the same dream? Completely out of it I see a text from Brenda, & I go to the kitchen & see my meds with the greatest thing ever! Donuts...Homer Simpson would be proud. One was a cream filled chocolate dipped one with bright blue icing dots, the next a four round tiny ones combined in a clover-like design that were raspberry filled. So good. & the best & last-a heart shaped donut with a blue icing smiley face! She told me later she thought that having sugar to make the medicine go down inspired her. She is by far the best 'babysitter' ever! Just without question. I'm now full of sugar & morphine, have almost forgotten about the awful stress dreams & painting. I try so hard to see & enjoy to the fullest the good surprises that pop up along my way. Thanks Brenda. :)



  1. Yea for Brenda! An angel bearing donuts and drugs!

  2. This sounds like the kind of night I had yesterday, but I get no morphine and no donuts.

  3. Amen! Yay for drug & sugar filled babysitters! Oh dear N, I wish I could share both with you. You so deserve it love. Xxx all