Friday, May 18, 2012

Get out.

Physically & emotionally the past day or two have been awful. Scale of 1-10, a 17. When I went upstairs yesterday to check on Chai bunny & try to examine her & see if she is still sick (long story, but she's possibly sick & I'm still freaking) I took this shot of her. She was mad, sick of me trying to examine her, & mad that I've been spending all my time downstairs while the parents are gone, & I'm taking care of Macy cat,who is also sick. We should just open a damn clinic here. This picture is so cute & funny, & after I took it Chai took off to the corner & thumped loudly to show her frustration. I don't blame her. Sitting here crying I see myself looking into the tunnel watching fibromyalgia among other things take over my life, no matter how hard I fight to keep going. God I just want to give up yet also just beat the shit out of it-& I can't really do either. It's so frustrating. The toll constant intense pain has on a person can honestly drive them to madness, in a heartbeat. How long does that heart manage to keep beating?



  1. It beats about 3 billion times. I would worry about this when I had a panic disorder.

  2. Amazing as it feels either 5 billion or only 10 . I panic daily, some much more than others. Xxx lovely girl