Sunday, May 6, 2012

My last day of the #HAWMC month challenge

Today, this last day of making up the missed days from this month, we are to find a picture on Flickr & connect it to our health focus. I'm cheating a bit...but let me explain. Last night I went out to take a picture of the super moon. After getting back upstairs & into my room, I started to fall. I caught myself & only fell halfway-ish, but the little slip ended up leaving me bruised, my toes bent backwards, & all of the force of it jamming into my pinched nerve. It hurt, & I woke up so very sore & tired today. I laid down on the heating pad which helped, had my iPad on Pandora radio (a channel based on instrumental music), read on my kindle, & played Words with Friends. I was in pain but I was content. I had the perfect position to have healing heat, music, a great book, & a good game going where I was actually keeping up. I fell asleep. Hours go by & I wake up. My body & back feel like I've been in a car wreck. I can't manage to get up for an hour. I take my morphine & wait for it to work, & I reflect back on today, with my moment of contentment.




  1. Hope you are feeling better. You have to take care of yourself because I need you by my side!! :) I am selfish... I know... ;)

  2. Just out of curiosity, what are the pictures in the background?

  3. You two are just my absolute favorites! A friend I taught with in Indonesia (from North Carolina) sent me a great care package & it had Wizard of Oz good witch & bad witch post-it's. I still never unpacked my stuff when I moved in here, but started decorating the wall above my pillow with quotes, etc. The green witch is my fav-I'll send a link of the close-up!