Monday, November 5, 2012

#Listof3 Day 5-national health blog post month


Today is a very difficult day to write, as I'm going through a flare-meaning every pain is felt more, I am so exhausted I cannot keep my eyes open for days at a time, & it seems even my emotions hurt. As I sit here crying, I think of a list of 3 things I'm thankful for/inspired by/excited about. For me-in this dark, cold moment, I am inspired by these 3 things.

1-my darling, sweet, amazing house rabbit-Chai bunny. Her boundless joy for life inspires me to keep going. To raise my hand to continue petting her even though my hand is cramping & tells me I'll pay for overdoing it later. That even though she herself will cease to breathe, her happy joy will live on.

2-our newly discovered backyard turtle, who we named must seem so frustratingly slow at times. Even though he knows nothing else, surely he must notice how fast the birds in the yard hop around, rise up & fly 6 feet over, or swoop down to grab bread crumbs I leave out. He inspires me to accept myself-even when it seems everyone around me can fly so far & so very fast.

3-it sounds crazy but my paints inside the apps that I digitally paint with. Even though they look so beautiful in the little color wheel that gives so many choices-when I spread those watercolors out, it never ceases to surprise me a bit on how gorgeous they look even watered down. One stroke of color-even a muddy tone-conveys so much-even the darkest ones. I'm inspired just in how the colors themselves change-develop-& blossom on my digital screen. When you put one next to another how they either harmonize, or bring out the true colors when paired next to their complementary color, or even bring out the beautiful shades in the lighter colors on either side. We all play a part even if it is to support the other.

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