Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10-laughing out LOUD

So this is a LOL post-which I often forget means not just laughing but laughing out loud. I laugh a lot but I don't laugh out loud, loudly...all that often. When you're in pain all the freaking time even when I laugh I don't out loud all that often-from exhaustion & pain. The last time I really laughed was about a week & a half ago when my darling nephew & brother were over. We were outside & he was playing in the potted plants, & mom was showing him a (planted) flower, & he excitedly plucked out the flower with a little mound of dirt & roots with it-his little one year old face was so pleased, & mom & I lost it. He then started laughing as we were laughing & it just got funnier. He is so precious.

Chai bunny keeps me laughing-she is 99% personality & 1% sleep. No, she even has personality when sleeping. She wakes herself up thumping, then is alarmed & keeps thumping. Last night she moved one of the 2 bunny slippers (Sugar) to her food & later went over to eat-instead of moving Sugar she stood on the back foot part-leaned around & ate reaching her furry head around & sideways to reach the plate. Earlier we had gotten dad to help wash all my bedding & halfway through she jumped up on the bottom sheet & licked away. I finally had to just sit & wait for her to finish. She is THE joy in my life.

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