Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9-Care Package

I have received some very sweet, fantastic care packages in the past few years. They mean so much! Here are a few things I would include if I had the resources & means to send packages to all my chronically sick friends.

1-some fun foods & candy-many of us have to eat something with medicines, & cooking something at times is really impossible, so having at hand some cashews, candy, great buttery crackers, holiday cookies, soup, or a great loaf of bakery bread is a godsend.

2-really good lotions & lip balms. Fragrance free or something healing like lavender & chamomile is something I love. A fun selection of lip balms is always appreciated, & something like a long lasting candle is a very sweet touch.

3-an amazingly soft throw/blanket. Temperatures really affect many of us, & having a great go-to blanket & heating pad is a comforting thing.

4-super soft socks & slippers. Even though it doesn't take pain away having big fat fluffy socks can help the cozy factor tremendously.

5-a super digital library of tv series, movies, & books. My life would be far worse without Netflix streaming, digital books (holding a book open is very tough), & tv. Refocusing my attention is crucial for getting through the day.

6-a body pillow. I have 4 pillows behind me & 2 under me to create a recliner type sleeping situation. Lying flat isn't an option.

7-coupons for services-like a catering service for a birthday or something, a handyman to fix things you just aren't able to do-even a home nurse visit would be an amazing thing!

8-an honest, loving letter. Saying 'I don't have any words really but I love you' is so appreciated. We know you have no magic answers-we gave up on those long ago, but an I love you/I care so much is the best thing.

A very soft hug. Many of us have NO human touch apart from our doctors. Think about that-no human touch, hugs, etc for months at a time. It is like starving really. Even a touch on the hand brings me to happy tears. Illnesses are very lonely, & a chronic lengthy one? I cannot put it into,words.

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