Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No pain shot makes Marnie a sore girl

My neuro clinic was out of pain shots but full of spinal shots for my sciatic nerve roots. This is the result.



  1. I hope you are able to get some rest and the pain will leave you alone for a bit.

  2. Yeah, you do not look happy at all.

  3. These have been the most painful i've had in at least a year for some reason...no idea why. I think stress played a huge part. Thanks guys. Xxxooo

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  4. Hi Jenni, I did acupuncture/adjustments-everything for 2 years with a very fibro-knowledgeable chir, but insurance wouldn't pay & sadly it helped but only for a day to a day & a half. My body has so many complex issues every dr I see is overwhelmed...& I have to get a spinal tap Tuesday. Ugh.

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