Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The stars in my eyes hope-ebooks save me

After getting my beloved little Kindle, I have bought & gotten free a ton of books, as well as checked out ebooks from our library. Knowing how much I want to finish The Hunger Games trilogy, start the Game of Thrones series, several Nordic thrillers, a WWII true account, etc it gives me the silent knowing that staying around will include all of these magical adventures, & help take my focus away from the pain.




  1. I wanted a Kindle, but I would so miss the smell of an old book, and the sound the pages make as you turn them.

  2. I love it & got it only cos I have rheumatoid arthritis & holding open a book with all my illnesses exhausted me, which sounds ridiculous. I've actually found a lot of people who have similar illnesses & have gotten to rediscover reading through ebooks...but I love the feel, smell, everything about a real book.