Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chai bunny saves my night

I'm home alone for a few days, & after getting a call that left me in tears, I went to get my beloved bunny. I have been staying downstairs as Macy, the parents' cat, gets very upset & cries nonstop when they're gone. So Chai bunny making her excited going downstairs breathing noises was so cute-so nervous as she hasn't been back on my parents bed in forever. She was so shy at first, all huddled into me, cooing & softly making the sweetest, most tender crying-like noises as we cuddled. She got brave of course & hopped around the bed...in my room she's up & down on the bed constantly, but she was in newish territory. I got a few hilarious pics, one which got retweeted as cutest pic of the day on twitter (us watching Alcatraz together) & an under the chin shot where she looks like a shark-dolphin. She cheered me up, & I can't wait to bring her down later today. As anyone with a chronic illness knows, having the all consuming love of a pet is indeed the best medicine.