Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chai bunny, my smile maker

After the worst spinal shots for at least a year, Chai bunny didn't get her playtime in the spare room the past day or 2-but she's so perceptive as she senses when I'm really bad, & doesn't stand up & scratch on the door as a signal. Tonight I let her out, slowly followed as she dashed down the hallway, jumping up in a 'Binky' along the way, & by the time I caught up in crashed on a bed she had pulled out the moss from the fake ficus tree. Such a sneaky cutie face. Here is me catching her, & her 'I'm so sweet you can't get upset long' face. Works every single time.




  1. Don't you love it when they try to make you feel better by playing? I know you love her so much.

  2. I used to have two pet bunnies. I loved them so much. When they died, I decided I would go to school anyway, and cried in front of my entire class. My peers couldn't understand my attachment to those sweet things.

  3. Nellie your comment stayed with me, in & out of sleeping, all day. I realize how blessed I am, & why I often like & trust animals more than people. I'm so sorry.
    @V-she got in bed with me me, a terrible pain day & just put her head down, right next to me to be rubbed the way she loves it, & for a moment I forgot my pain. Xxxooo you both

  4. I know exactly what you meant by "binkie" and it made me smile! I'm sure your beloved bun-bun gives you lots of smiles. I love bunnies too! But at the moment we have lots of cats.

    May your day be as good a day as it can be. *gentle hugs* from another Spoonie