Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dentist, dentist, dentist, goose

In trying to get in all things dentist before the bought insurance runs out, I've spent way too much time there lately...at least or my back & flaring fibro's sake. I've been too tired to eat or do much of anything. Have four fillings later today, then my rescheduled primary care doctor tomorrow. All I want to do is curl up again & stay far, far away from any medical establishment.



  1. I feel your pain, well not really, but I know the same dislike of all things medical. I just want to drink some kind of magic tea or something like that to heal and make me well so that I don't have to deal with doctors or dentists! Prayed for you this morning. :)

  2. I would do anything to see a dentist. Damn not having insurance.

  3. Nellie, as I watched that Kony 2012 video yesterday, my dental pains didn't register on the scale of child soldiers. Dad had gotten a year of the dentist's own insurance plan or discounts & I hadn't had my teeth cleaned in seriously like a decade...? 6 fillings later & a painful 2 part cleaning I realize how lucky I am. Xxx

    V-thank you! So freaking happy your PET scans were clear!