Monday, November 21, 2011

those accidental reminders

Tonight, deeply engrossed in three great shows...PBS-America in Primetime, AMC-The Walking Dead, and Hell of Wheels, I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, zombies, railroad propaganda, cowboys and indians, and  how TV really does seem to be in a great "golden age" with so many quality shows...despite the dregs of society reality shows I hate so much : ). I was knee deep in zombies when i had to reach in my bag to grab something, and couldn't find it by touch. I waited until the commercial, and turned on the lamp (you can't watch zombies with the lights on!) to be able to see what I was looking for-and this is what I saw.
Immediately, my spirit fell. Sometimes just the simple stupid things of looking down in your bag and seeing the pain medicines, muscle medicines, etc. and my neurologist/pain clinic business card just guts me, and I'm left feeling like a zombie, walking around with all my humiliating, debilitating, painful, ugly effects on my body yet I'm still walking around, and will be according to the show until someone takes off my head. ; )  I have to laugh about it or I won't survive, but I promise, I won't start chewing on anyones legs anytime soon...probably. 

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