Thursday, November 17, 2011

mind the overlap

i have horrible stress dreams, and the last few nights they have involved moving out of a place but the new occupants are moving in their stuff. in one, i was helping move my mom's old business but we couldn't as there were sharks swimming around (as somehow in a BOOKSTORE) we were in knee deep water, and the new owners who owned something totally opposite of books, so we kept clashing, getting tangled up, etc as we would pass. also, i was bitten by a shark but no one believed me, and as i bleed into the water it brought them back for more.

tonight i dreamed i was moving out of my old university dorm, except i had 2 other roommates and the three newer, much younger freshmen girls had already moved in. and then other roommates, suitemates, etc kept showing up and i could never get my things out, and keep finding stuff of mine but no boxes-things like that. i wake up from these having panic attacks sometimes. i know it is stress, but it hit me tonight that maybe it is more about the overlap in my life. the almost six years i've been here. i moved here at christmas, so that might be a trigger with the holidays coming up...who knows.

today i see my neurologist for my spinal shots, and i am talking to him about a medication that i so need but i need to switch to a different kind. it very easily could be making me dream so badly, and he does deal with all things brain related. until then, sweet dreams. for you i mean. : )

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