Tuesday, November 29, 2011

dad on the other side

every single time I got to the Dr for anything, dad drives me and sits with me-sometimes for hours as we wait. he has spent hours of his life in the past 5 years in different doctor offices...and tomorrow, he is having surgery and he will be the patient. i hate that i can't be there with him, as I have had at least 14 surgeries and could keep him company. of course mom will go and he will be fine, but after all he has done for me, i hate that i can't return the favor.
(pic-one day last year that dad was with me at the neurologist.)


  1. Best of luck to your Dad hope everything goes great, let us know!

  2. he is ok-just in a lot of pain, but i hear that having your tonsils out as an adult is much harder-it is so strange-as he is rarely sick, and it is mom and me that are...it makes me realize how much he is my rock (as mom is too) but seeing him sick and unable to talk hardly is so sad! xxx