Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time machines

After watching a rather painful episode of Fringe, I asked my self a question. Rather, I allowed myself to pose a question. A husband & wife team had come upon math that in theory could open a time continuum, time machine of sorts. She then developed a disease...a painful, awful, horrid disease. He went on to finish her work, & to the detriment of others could have his old, non-sick wife back for short periods of time.

I know that fibro has been with all my life. It would have come up whether I had my accident, where the heavy boxes/reams of typing paper fell on me & woke up the sleeping giant of fibromyalgia. The question posed was this: if I could do anything in the year before I broke my ankle (& after I had the box incident...the ankle break, bone graft surgery, & 3 year ordeal would have brought fibro out-of this I'm sure)-but what would I have done in that short period of time to prepare, knowing my world was about to end? Make plans? Profess love? Gone out every night as I knew my going out days were almost over? Found a boyfriend/husband, adopted kids, & gotten my house in order? I have no answers for any of those. I don't know if I would have done much differently. But here, in the early, cold, gut wrenching pain levels of this night, I wonder.

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  1. I know I'm not as bad as you, but I've been having similar thoughts lately and to a certain extent I'm in that do it now or it wont get done place. I've quit my job I'm going for my dream (thanks for the favourites by the way) and I'm living because I know in the next year I'm facing at least 2 months of being housebound and thats just if the surgery works.

    Wish I'd done more before when I was completely functional but those sort of what if's will drive us crazy!