Thursday, November 17, 2011


here is my day in pictures.

arrive after driving a little bit and hurting a lot, but dad wanted to see if i could still drive. i haven't in a few years and i miss it so much-so he let me drive about 15 minutes, loved it-then started to really hurt. finally got to the neuro office 30 minutes later.

the blood pressure cup and the new nurse almost broke my arm-they normally use the manuel one and it doesn't hurt as much, but as it was her first day/week, i didn't want to cause problems. i started to crumble.

after being on the x-ray table before and after the dr. came in and gave me injections into my sciatic nerve (he said it was incredibly swollen) and my pinched nerve, he ordered a pain shot, but the nurse forgot to come get us, and it took about 30 minutes waiting for her to check with him, find a room for me, etc. i was biting the crap out of my lip to keep from crying.

got home, after a horrific drive back, went upstairs because i was in so much pain i couldn't control my temper, crying, tone of voice, irritability, and just didn't want to put mom and dad through that. they do enough for me and at times i just know i will be difficult to be around, and i just take myself out so i won't say or do something that comes from the pain talking. i try to recover.

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