Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chai bunny, nurse

Chai bunny is always so sensitive in knowing if I'm really feeling badly, especially after I get my spinal shots every month. Normally I hang my hand over the edge of the bed to pet her as she gets as close as possible to my slipper/hhouseshoes, as they are the closest part of me on her level. I used to hang my leg and foot off to pet her, which she LOVED but after my MRI showed the pinched nerve, after i went to pet her again I felt pain exactly where the pinched nerve was injected, so sadly that practice has stopped.

Last night I couldn't pet her at all from the bed as I was just so sore and in pain. People with pets often say that when they are sick, especially ones with chronic or a long-term illness, they feel their pets react very differently to them, and I truly believe they sense something. I might be crazy, but knowing I'm crazy makes me sane, right? : )

This afternoon after a nap I felt Chai jump up on the bed, and she normally always sits on my chest or my stomach, but today she just patrolled the perimeter of the bed and sat beside my face until she saw I was awake and she rubbed her adorable nose on my cheek. SWEETEST. BUNNY. EVER.


  1. Ah wow thats sooo sweet! Bunnies are so under rated and you got a great one there!

  2. i am SO lucky! i had my first house rabbit named Amsterdam for about 5 years, adopted from an international university student when i was still in grad school teaching, and he was the totaly opposite-so sweet, but chai bunny is such a drama queen-so vocal-just what i needed after losing him. both are adopted bunnies-i am in love with house rabbits and get so much joy from them! or her...: )