Saturday, November 26, 2011

given guilt

two days after thanksgiving, and guilt is given and anger is reached. i hate that i have to take medicine and it makes me knocked out. i hate that being sick is so unpredictable and doesn't care that halfway through thanksgiving day, the two previous busy (for my body) days take their toll and my body says 'no more'. fibromyalgia doesn't care that the day to give out isn't the day before thanksgiving or whatever big day-it just attacks. it leaves me feeling hurt, betrayed, guilty, angry, sad, and just depressed. it doesn't help that two days after i'm reminded of this, with crying from another. wow.


  1. Try focus on the fab day you have with your nephews and not the shitty other day. Thanksgiving is only a date same as christmas etc and your're sick it doesn't matter. What matters is that you got that fab day with them!

  2. you are absolutely right-and after talking to my brother and apologizing for being absent half the day he said the same thing-that i spent loads of time before, and it didn't matter what day it was-just that i was able to get in quality time-so i'm much more at peace. i find that fibro or sickos as i like to call myself carry a lot of guilt with them. do you? xxx