Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nephew time!

Today my brother, his lovely wife, and two adorable boys came to see us. Jack (who is 6) and I played iPad games all day-his favorites were 'World of Goo' which of course he was so much more better than yours truly...I'm thinking he would make a great engineer as he loves math-also he loved the great 'Star Walk for iPad' and we searched for the Star War galaxies as we are both obsessed with Star Wars. We had so much fun.

I finally got to meet my new nephew, Charlie, who smiled at me the first time he saw me and laughed as I talked to him like I do my house rabbit, Chai. Why do we talk to babies like cute animals? Wait, why do we do that to animals? I don't think Chai bunny even knows what my real voice sounds here are a couple of shots of me and Charlie-and of course I'll have loads more to come! Happy day before Thanksgiving.


  1. Oh wow cute! And lovely to see you so happy!

  2. thank you!!! i do smile much more, but it seems i grab the cell camera to document the tough stuff. on a totally different note-chai bunny just sneezed so loudly and coming from a bunny it sounded hilarious!!! hahaha