Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My amethyst house

As purple is the awareness color for fibromyalgia-& a longtime fav of mine, dad so lovingly painted 2 walls gothic amethyst, a grey-silver light purple & the other two a dark eggplant color called purple blanket. I love the names of paint colors! He had a toilet & sink put in-I'll use their shower in their house for safety, & we angled my bed against the two white shelves we're using (that mom lovingly donated to the cause) as a privacy barrier in the corner by the bathroom. As I spend so much time sitting/reclining in bed, I wanted it a major part of the plan so I can see the tv, face the love seat for company, etc. I had gotten the black wooden sleigh bed back in graduate school-it has 4 spiral silver knobs on each corner that I adore. Mom & dad gave me the gorgeous batik bedspread (that perfectly fits my queen bed) they got in Indonesia. It's perfect! Chai bunny is loving the huge space compared to the only place she has known-the old bedroom. Though the apt is basically an efficiency it is huge to her! It has a garage door that we are covering with my massive vinyl collection on shelves & an old school pull-down school map. I love that I have built-in shelves by the bed for keeping my cords/iPad/kindle, etc right there in reach. This is my 2nd night & I'm just thrilled! Thanks for all of your great wishes! Also a huge thanks to mom & dad, & my brother for finding the guy to put in my bathroom-he chose a great guy.

notice Chai under the table...

my magic bed

media center & my Indonesian triangle shelf

Chai bunny in bed

Watching the last 'Closer' from bed :)

Record players & shelves


Headboard details & gorgeous eggplant paint!


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  1. It's beautiful. Currently, I am training for races, which I hope will turn into marathons and triathlons. With fibromyalgia, it has not been easy. A set up like that would make it a little better. After my workouts and runs, I am sore, tired, cranky, and all I want is rest for as long as I can get away with.