Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sleeping lessons

After finally moving into my motorcycle workshop turned my purple apartment, I've been sleeping with less pain. Being back in my orthopedic mattress sleigh bed is a huge part, along with a few adjustments. My house is small, but a separate house & perfect for me. I made my bed a focus as I spend most of my time in it-it kills my back to sit in chairs/sofas/etc, so sitting in bed is my answer. I stacked 4 pillows behind me against the headboard & 2-3 pillows under my knees, creating a recliner type effect. It really seems to alleviate a bit of pain while sleeping.



Dad & I put together the Tetris like impossible shelf so my records have a great place to live! After we got a toilet & sink put in mom & dad donated 2 large bookshelves to create a privacy barrier around them, & I found my old James Bond poster-& I'm thinking of hanging it up so if anyone ever broke in they'd see a life size picture of a man...the man guarding my home. I can't think of a better bodyguard. ;)


Of course the shelves & walls will be filled with all my art, overseas treasures, etc but we are unpacking & setting up 2 households so it will get done in time. We are getting a WiFi extender as I am barely getting a signal out here & am having Internet & Netflix & Facebook withdrawals-so hopefully that will solve that problem. I can't live without my Netflix!


  1. This is awesome, Marnie! More pictures, please!

  2. I'll add some more-& not that I'm complaining but the place is 25 by 25 square feet so it's basically one room that we're dividing with furniture placement, shelves, etc