Friday, August 3, 2012

Maybe miracle

After possibly the toughest 3 weeks on record, sometimes you catch a break. After realizing I'll be without meds (quite dangerous) for a two week period until seeing my new neurologist, I left a tearful message to my beloved former neuro, begging for help. Normally they can't give you certain medications unless you see them in person, & I knew my body couldn't handle that drive, much less leave Chai bunny. Yesterday the nurse called, & Dr. T agreed to give me a two week courtesy RX-& a family friend will pick it up & mail it to us ASAP. Until it gets here I'll be nervous, but the fact that people are helping restores my faith in mankind. Chai bunny is doing much better-she still has several mammary tumors, but hasn't has anymore blood in her urine, & is eating & drinking normally. We aren't out in the apt yet, but being close to my parents during this time is a great thing. Dad's been painting my apt-gothic amethyst & purple blanket-the first a silvery light purple & the second a deep eggplant purple-I love it! Mom has been finding all my treasures from my former life & some new ones :). Today I'm resting a bit easier.

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  1. Hooray for a glimmer of hope and for good news! I'm sure it will take weeks and months for you guys to recover from the move. Tell your mom and dad I love them. =)