Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary Lessons

It's my parents 49th anniversary. After the things they've been through & survived-it gives me hope that that I can make it. After the great neuro visit other than the decision to not do spinal shots for a bit mentally I'm feeling more sound. That things might just work out. He did a nerve test that had me using a walker for days after & completely bedridden. Not fun but necessary. He felt I had MS but we reassured him that my spinal tap, etc came back ok. It's scary that my drs see this possibility after having me squeeze their hand & I can feel my strength just not where it once was...& I can sense it in their mannerisms. Alas, I loved the new doctor-he kept me at my pain med regiment, which from his nurse I understand I'm only the 2nd person he has written high power meds for-she said he felt I was sweet & trustworthy & was knowledgeable about my conditions-& that I wasn't out to take advantage. It thrilled me that he saw that in me. My little purple house is coming along slowly & Chai bunny has made it her own. She loves getting in bed with me, searching for treats I keep hidden under a pillow. I love having privacy but also having mom & dad only a few feet away is comforting. Sorry if this seems disjointed-it is. I am. I've been so exhausted I can't seem to do much of anything after seeing the dr a few days ago. That's ok-if anything my parents have shown me not to give up-through extreme economic hard times. The 2 year illness & death of a child to cancer. Through numerous moves-so numerous I can't count. To the usual family strife & reconnecting. To real life. Happy anniversary mom & dad, & thank you for showing me lessons in surviving in real life & time. I love you both so much.


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