Monday, August 20, 2012

A bit like House, MD

Anyone with chronic pain comes to realize in time that the never ending stabs of constant hurting can & does come out as anger. I loved House, the TV show-though I'm not the crazy puzzle loving jerk I have my moments. Every single time I see my cane I get sad yet angry simultaneously & want to paint racing stripes on it-my sarcasm runs deep. We never mean to lash out, yet we do. Most of us immediately regret it & hate ourselves for letting our pain spill out onto someone else's life. Recently I publicly said some things I regret-as they were spoken out of sadness for the past & friends I used to be able to count on...& took it out on someone who wasn't in that category. My lost past is probably the biggest source of emotional pain I've got. Anyway, I talked to the innocent person & apologized, but I hate that I let my pain hurt him. While I find venting in the right forum helpful, I must remember to spare the innocent ones.

My great uncle's cane matches my Indonesian triangle piece so well...maybe racing stripes aren't the right way to go ;)


Caned sadness

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