Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fevered dreams & little surprises

After a week of fever, swollen glands everywhere-one even hardening into a small marble under my arm-I woke up this morning after having feverish stress dreams panicked & stuck. After starts like that it's nice to find some little surprises & discoveries. My love of detective mysteries was delighted to find that netflix has 'Cracker' & 'Durham County' on streaming. The forst stars the fantastic Robbie Coltrain set in the UK, the second a strange, twisted, nightmarishly fantastic Canadian series that has moments of last year's 'American Horror Story' from FX running through it.

I stubbornly want to decorate my little house like I used to be able to, & a few days ago got out & shelved about 50 of my vinyl record collection, of course overdoing it in the process. A guy I used to work with gave me all of his record collection-& it's a really, really good one. I got it about 7-8 years ago but never really was able to see all of the records-& putting them up found loads of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles (with posters from them still perfect in the sleeve), the Who, Led Zepplin, & Neil Young-& the wonderful Johnny Cash. My friend & I used to play the side with I Walk the Line over & over again. Swoon.

I found a giant hedgehog, or a Czech 'Jezek' from a class of a dear Czech business I taught & loved. Chai bunny is in love & took to him, licking his furry nose immediately.

Dad brought in my grandmother's old mirror, & even though it isn't up & might not be for months-it's ok. Just having it around thrills me.

Mom found my bedspread/blanket I used in Indonesia, with all it's holes, faded stripes, & soft love clean & ready to have as an extra blanket on my bed.

Last but certainly not least, dad was mowing & found & brought this adorable turtle for me to see. It stuck his head out & started walking, not at all shy. Of course I'm now leaving little bits of veggies & leftover Chai bunny food outside for it, hoping he will become friendly & we can have a proper turtle/tortoise & the hare/nut head bunny fable happen in the apartment! Chai bunny had made a path around the sofa, under the bed & beside the boxes where she zooms around-last night I heard her skid off the carpet & onto the concrete floor as the sound of little paws & nails went across she's practicing! All we need now is Mr. Turtle to return! Finally, & with fever I had to go numerous times & stand in my front door & let the hurricane rain soak my face. Having my own front door to open in private behind the house & fence of my family is great. I can stand in just a gown & no one can see my moon face happily letting rain run down my neck & back, for Chai bunny to investigate after.

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