Sunday, January 8, 2012

My eyes realizing

Tonight I realized...I can't go on living here. I can't live without a dr in Arkansas. I can't keep my parents saddled with me. I can't hold them back. They've spent so much time house hunting, yet no time dr hunting as no one there will take my case. I can't keep going to sleep having nightmares only to wake up exhausted, depressed & worse off then when I went to bed. 

The yes when you realize there is no end. To pain, to a life, to a good living situation, to peace, to going on any longer. 


  1. Have you got a back up plan? Anywhere you can go?

  2. I'll end up going, & I don't mind moving, but having lived there & knowing the lack of drs there, Memphis (2hours away) just feels insane. I find a great dr finally here & I'm not willing to give him up without having a great substitute. They say they have 6-8 people searching, but they haven't looked at all, but have virtual toured loads of houses, & that part really hurts. Badly. Xxxxxooooo