Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, my Vinyl Love

Many of you know my deep love of music, and vinyl. Yes-my iPod and music and noise isolating headphones save me in doctor offices-the hours I've spent there and the music that helped cocoon me into my own world couldn't have happened with me and dad dragging in a record player and sitting next to a plug to be able to listen to my music...though the mental picture gives me such glee! Anyway, I own three record players-one from the 40s/50s, one from the 70s, and one from the late 80s. I love the crackling warm fuzzy intimate sounds of the needle, the crackling promising a song will come on next, the sound like a warm fireplace. Sadly all my records and players are downstairs in the parents garage, but thanks to a new app, Vinyl Love, I can play music on my iPad that adds in the grainy warm crackle, and even plays the album in order-something I tend to miss. I'm so bad about skipping around and not listening to the album in the order the artists wanted-so with this app on sale and now on my happy little iPad, I listened to the full William Fitzsimmons album, in the order he wanted. : )

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