Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pros & cons

Sometimes I have a day so bad the only way I can deal with it & go on is to admit & get out the crappy parts, then find some good, even if it's something tiny, to focus on...& forget the pricks of the world. 

Let's get the cons out of the way:

My TMJ jaw has tighten up, making it hard to eat, drink, talk, & the worst-causing a migraine type headache. I've been up with pain for over 24 hours. Even sleeping for short spurts was interrupted with pain & blinding lights/pain.

I did a favor for a person, & even when using what I gave made backhanded compliments...or really insults. Just rude, rude, rude. Not worth my time or worry. I'm such a sensitive person & take too much crap.

Seeing pics of me & family over the holidays today was bittersweet. The steroids in my monthly spinal shots leaves me so puffy & marshmallow looking. Hate. That. Necessary. Part. 

& the pros...

A great writing app, Knowtilus Pro on sale from &9.99 to 99 cents!

Finally getting one good comment on a notoriously tough photo group. 

Getting one pic of me & my nephew that I don't hate of myself ;)

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